Start11 v2, the leading Windows 11 customization utility, has been released by Stardock. This announcement marks a significant step forward for the industry’s most advanced Start menu. With over two dozen new features and numerous quality-of-life updates, Start11 v2 represents the most substantial update in the history of Start products.

One of the standout features of Start11 v2 is its three new designs. Users can choose from the Windows Pro Style, Windows Launcher Style, and Windows App Style, all of which offer significant improvements over the limited stock Start menu in Windows 11. These new designs provide a more visually appealing and customizable experience that can cater to everyone’s preferences.

Start11 v2 introduces enhanced customization capabilities. Users now have more options for customizing, organizing, and launching apps. Additionally, icons can be tinted with color themes, allowing for a cohesive and uniform visual experience. Each design enables customization of icon sizing, spacing, rows, and even icon labels, including the option to hide them.

Taskbar improvements are another highlight of Start11 v2. Similar to previous versions, this update offers unique Taskbar customization options. In addition to pinning app shortcuts, users can also pin files, folders, and drives to the Taskbar, allowing for quick access to important content without opening windows. Notably, folder menus are particularly impressive, as they offer an alternative to the potentially problematic new File Explorer in Windows 11 version 23H2.

Furthermore, Start11 v2 incorporates enterprise improvements by expanding on the enterprise features available in previous versions. The addition of kiosk functionality “locks” apps in Start, while the login load feature enables IT to configure custom configuration files for individual users, which run upon sign-in.

Start11 v2 also includes quality-of-life improvements. Users can now utilize the backup and restore functionality for settings, ensuring their preferences and customizations are saved. Additionally, a reset and clear feature is available to revert all settings back to their defaults if needed.

To enjoy the benefits of Start11 v2, users can purchase the software for just $5.99 from the official Stardock website. This discounted price is valid during the release period, as the regular price is $6.99. While there’s no direct upgrade path from previous versions due to the numerous new features, the overall quality and value that Start11 v2 offers make it an excellent investment.

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