Qualcomm Teases Windows 12 with Impending “Windows OS” Update

During Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X launch event in Hawaii, there were hints that Windows 12 will be arriving in 2024. Windows 12 is Microsoft’s highly anticipated next-generation operating system, which will have a strong focus on AI features such as Copilot, Paint Cocreator, web apps, and Microsoft Edge.

Some key points regarding Windows 12 include:

1. Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon X Elite chip was tested on an unspecified “Windows OS,” leading to speculation about the release of Windows 12.
2. Rumors suggest that Windows 12 may debut in the second half of 2024, with optimization for ARM architecture and integration of AI capabilities, potentially featuring an evolved version of Copilot.
3. Windows 12 is expected to have a similar design to Windows 11, with possible additional features like a “floating” taskbar and desktop widgets. There is also a web-centric variant in development, specifically targeting the educational sector.

Qualcomm has teamed up with Microsoft to rival Apple in the ARM race by introducing Windows on Snapdragon-powered hardware. Apple’s Silicon “M” chips are renowned for their power efficiency while delivering exceptional performance in both single and multi-core tasks.

Although the announcement was made earlier, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite is set to enter the market in mid-2024. According to Qualcomm’s CPU presentation slides, the new ARM chip was tested on an unspecified “Windows OS,” distinguishing it from the “Windows 11” used for Intel tests. On the other hand, Intel’s i7-1360P CPU (12-core) and i7-1355U (10-core) were tested on “Windows 11” using Samsung Galaxy Book3 models.

The difference in the naming of the operating systems during these tests is worth noting, and it has been observed multiple times. Qualcomm’s use of a generic “Windows OS” for their upcoming CPU, while specifically mentioning Windows 11 for Intel, adds weight to the speculation about the introduction of a new version of Windows in conjunction with Snapdragon X Elite.

As Windows Latest exclusively reported, Windows 12 could be optimized for ARM chips and is expected to debut in the second half of 2024. Furthermore, Microsoft is said to be developing a new “ChromeOS-like” variant of Windows 12 tailored for specific markets, such as low-end hardware for students.

The rumored fall 2024 release of Windows 12 aligns with Qualcomm’s plan to launch the new Snapdragon X Elite PCs, which are meant to rival Apple’s M2 chips.

Windows 12 is expected to be a significant milestone for both Qualcomm and Microsoft. Microsoft is placing a strong emphasis on AI with this new operating system. A notable feature is the full-fledged “Copilot,” which is already available with the Windows 11 Moment 4 update. In Windows 12, Copilot is expected to evolve into a more powerful AI Assistant with deeper integration across various applications such as Camera, Photos, Paint, Office apps, and more.

In terms of design, Windows 12 won’t have drastic changes compared to Windows 11, but it may introduce a “floating” design for the taskbar. Additionally, Microsoft may incorporate widgets into the desktop experience, allowing users to select widgets from a widget board, similar to the “gadgets for Windows Vista” concept.

Lastly, Microsoft is also working on a web-first variant of Windows 12 to compete with Chrome OS in the educational sector. This web-centric variant, similar to Windows 11 in S Mode, will not replace the familiar Windows desktop experience.

Overall, Windows 12 is expected to bring exciting new features and advancements, solidifying Microsoft’s presence in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

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