Instant Games in Microsoft Store Windows 11

The Microsoft Store offers various games but lacks a preview feature, necessitating the download and installation of a game to play it. However, Windows 11 brings the ability to play instant games directly from the Microsoft Store app without the need for installation.

Instant Games, in essence, are hassle-free, easy-to-play casual games readily available in the Store’s Collection section. Although Microsoft refers to them as “Instant Games,” this category does not specifically exist in the Microsoft Store. Instead, the Collection section organizes all games that offer this feature.

All Instant Games can be identified by their orange lighting logo, and a previous version of Microsoft Store (22312.1401.4.0) had an Arcade option that provided direct access to these games. This option, however, has been removed in version 22312.1401.5.0.

In collaboration with multiple game developers, Microsoft has introduced 69 instant games that can be played without installation. Microsoft aims to grow this collection and enlist more developers in the future, offering users a hands-on preview of the games’ functionality to make informed choices.

How to Play Instant Games in Windows 11

To play instant games in Windows 11, upgrade the Microsoft Store app and follow these steps:

  1. Launch Microsoft Store and click on the Gaming > Collections option.
  2. Hover over a game and click the Play Now button.
  3. The game will launch in a separate Microsoft Store window.
  4. To install a game, click on the View in Microsoft Store button, and then click Get.

Despite not being as visually stunning as high-end games, instant games consume minimal system resources and run smoothly. However, expect to encounter ads within the games, which may impact the overall gaming experience.

While instant games offer nostalgic entertainment, they could become repetitive and are not optimized for large screens. Additionally, they can be played on mobile platforms, making them less compelling for Windows PC users.

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