Microsoft Edge Canary release now offers enhanced split-screen support, allowing users to view tabs side-by-side by simply dragging them. Although the feature is currently limited to dragging tabs to the right side, it is expected to improve productivity once it is further optimized. The Canary channel of Edge also includes notable features like split-screen and drag-and-drop functionality. Additionally, the Dev version has been updated with improvements in PDF translation, visual enhancements, and overall reliability. In addition to these updates, the Android version of Microsoft Edge is also receiving enhancements, with the Beta version introducing Microsoft Copilot. This AI-powered assistant provides concise summaries of web pages and PDF files, as well as various AI capabilities such as report generation and result comparison. Microsoft continues to make significant updates to Edge, as demonstrated by the latest Canary release featuring split-screen support with drag-and-drop on Windows 11. Microsoft Edge, being the default browser for Windows, is constantly improving. Recently, we reported that the Mica effect is being added to the browser, and now we can confirm that drag-and-drop support is also in development for Edge. As observed by users and tested by Windows Latest in the latest Canary update, the feature does work as intended, albeit with some quirks. By simply dragging and dropping tabs, users can create split-screen tabs in the browser. Enabling this feature requires a few steps, which are as follows: 1. Create a shortcut for the browser on your desktop. 2. Right-click the shortcut and open properties. 3. Click on the Target field. 4. Press the spacebar once and type the following: –enable-features=msEdgeSplitWindowDragAndDrop 5. Save the changes by clicking OK. 6. Launch the browser and open two tabs. 7. Drag one tab to the right side of the window to view them in split-screen mode. After making these changes, split-screen can be enabled by pressing Ctrl+Shift+2 on your keyboard. Although the feature is currently partially broken and only works when the tab is dragged to the right side, it is expected to improve productivity once the issue is resolved. Meanwhile, Edge Dev has received several minor improvements in its latest version (120), which are likely to be included in the stable release soon. These changes include enhanced API-level PDF translation, minor visual tweaks, and other reliability enhancements. The update also brings improvements to the iOS and Mac builds of Edge. Furthermore, the Android version of Microsoft Edge has also received updates. The new version, available for beta testers, introduces Microsoft Copilot, which replaces the new tab button at the bottom of the screen. Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that integrates seamlessly with various Microsoft products. By using Copilot, users can obtain concise summaries of web pages within Edge. The feature also works on PDF files opened in the browser. Additionally, Copilot offers other AI capabilities, allowing users to generate reports, compare results, and perform other tasks.

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