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How it Works? Super Simple.

You will receive a new Windows 10 Pro product key that you can use to activate either a new or existing computer. If you’re upgrading from an older PC to Windows 10, you should first use a generic key to complete the upgrade process, and then apply our product key for activation. If you experience any difficulties during the activation process, please refer to the error code provided here for troubleshooting guidance.

Instant Email Delivery for Windows 10 Pro. Literally in seconds.

Once you make a purchase, you’ll receive the product key instantly through email. Additionally, you can find it on the order page right after your purchase. Please note if you backorder, it may take a longer time.

After Sales Support

We guarantee that our keys will work on your PC. Contact us anytime for support.


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Protect your PC. Get a reliable Windows 10 Key from Qookeys. Don’t take chances with uncertain licenses and unwanted patches.


Why Buy From Qookeys? Activate Windows 10 Securely.

It’s important to note that there are other stores offering low-priced, used OEM keys, but we do not sell those. Our focus is on selling authentic keys that will enable you to activate Windows 10 Pro for the entirety of its lifetime. Our key is designed to work seamlessly with your existing Windows 10 computer, unlike some other keys that may not be compatible.

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How to change product key on Windows 10

Processor : 1 GHz
RAM : 1GB for 32-bit; 2GB for 64-bit
HDD (Storage) : 20GB

Windows 10 starts up faster than the previous generation of Windows. You get the famous Start menu cherished by the Windows users for decades. Increase your productivity and get things done faster with the all new but yet familiar experience of a PC. Upgrade to Windows 10 Today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate Windows 10?

You can insert the product key during a fresh installation of Windows 10 Pro. If you have already installed Windows 10 Pro, click on the Start Menu, type ‘activation‘, and click ‘Change Product Key‘.

I have an activation watermark on my PC, will this solve the problem?

Yes. This will activate your pc and gets rid of the annoying watermark.

I am using Windows 10 Home, can I use this key to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro?

Absolutely. You can use our key to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. If you encounter an error; simply update your PC through Windows Updates and restart. Let us know if you need help, there is no hidden charges, you can utilize our tech support for free. Windows 10 Pro includes all of the features from Windows 10 Home. You get built-in protection at no extra cost with Bitlocker and Windows Defender Antivirus.

How Many Times Can I Use a Windows 10 Pro Key?

Please note that our product key is intended for use on a single PC. Many of our customers purchase our keys specifically for building custom PCs. Additionally, these keys offer a suitable choice for students who have been provided laptops by their universities but without activated Windows pre-installed.

Where do I download Windows 10? Do I have to buy the Installation files?

No. The installer is free of charge. The official installer is free and works with our product key. If you own other versions of Windows 10, we recommend to get a fresh installation copy of Windows 10 directly from Microsoft. Follow this guide to learn how to download Windows 10 Installer onto a pen drive. Download Windows 10 for free.

Reviews (76)

76 reviews for Windows 10 Pro License Key

  1. Marvin Agustin

    It works! Thank you so much, you guys saved my life! I’ll be buying more apps soon.

  2. Kate Alexis

    Works on my new Dell Laptop I got from my office.

  3. Hansell

    This website rocks! I’ve bought a product key for my own Custom PC with AMD Ryzen 9 3950X. I wish I can upload a photo of my custom pc setup it’s super cool.

  4. Roald

    Works as advertised. I used the product key on a fresh installation of Windows 10 Pro. I will be making another purchase tomorrow for another PC.

  5. Jenna Williams

    Easily my favorite online store to buy product keys. I purchased Windows 10 Pro key a while ago but I thought I should leave a review.

  6. Sanjay

    I wanted to order for 2 PCs but accidentally purchased the 1 PC activation. Took them a day to fix my issue, but I’m happy with the customer support.

  7. Jemy

    Simple, easy to use website. The keys work.

  8. Jerry Yan

    Bought several keys for old laptops in our campus. Fantastic Customer Service. Highly recommended.

  9. Silvia Kuhon

    Got the product key instantly after purchase. Top quality and great service.

  10. Kelly Jonas

    Successfully upgraded from Windows Home to Windows 10 Pro. I can’t see the difference really, maybe there are some pro features I don’t know about. I’m happy with the purchase.

  11. Olivia Rose

    Downloaded Windows 10 installer from Microsoft website and activated with this key. Works like charm.

  12. Elisa Maria

    I had trouble with inserting windows installation on my usb thumb drive. These guys guided me and solved all of my problems. Top notch support!

  13. Kamalia

    Successfully removed the watermark from my Windows laptop. Excellent service!

  14. Jared Way

    Fantastic support! I was having trouble with activating my key at first, but the support team was very kind enough to guide me through the entire process without paying any extra fees. This is the best website in the entire world.

  15. Edgar Tigranyan (verified owner)

    Just bought one myself. Activation took just few seconds. Worked instantly. Thanks to Customer support specialist Han. It would not be as easy without Han’s help. No one else has such prices. Happy to have found Qookeys.

  16. Jamie Rina

    Fantastic customer service. I accidentally bought Windows 10 Pro instead of the Home version. But apparently, it works.

  17. Sarah Foster

    This works with Bootcamp! Recommended for Mac users out there.

  18. Daniel Brown

    Successfully installed Windows 10 on my Macbook using Bootcamp. By the way, my Macbook boots Windows 10 faster than my desktop PC. LOL.

  19. Hamoud

    I had some trouble with upgrading from Windows 10 Home. Han instructed me to install windows updates. Once my PC restarted, voila! I’m now running Windows 10 Pro.

  20. James Kolim

    I’ve purchased Windows 10 Pro and the key for Office 2019. Both work. Highly recommended!

  21. Martino Jules (verified owner)

    Received product key right away and was able to active right away as well !

  22. Riqui

    I had some issues with my PC, the key did not work on my PC at first but the tech support sorted it out in less than 5 minutes. Thank you guys!

  23. Ducky (verified owner)

    Quick and easy code worked 🤘

  24. mario ouimette (verified owner)

    very honest company, worked perfectly thank you

  25. Justin Wong (verified owner)

    Got it instantly, absolutely works. Was a little bit hesitant because I’d never heard of Qookeys before but glad I took a chance!

  26. Desa Ayvin

    Amazing support. Highly recommended!

  27. Jason Preston (verified owner)

    worked perfectly. thank you for the easy access and cheap price 🙂

  28. Aiden White

    The key worked perfectly on my laptop, highly recommended!

  29. Olivia Rodriguez

    I activated my Windows 10 Pro with no fuss.

  30. Mason Johnson

    It didn’t work at first, but after restarting my PC, it worked like a charm.

  31. Ava Davis

    This key works on the first try, highly recommended.

  32. Ethan Brown

    Affordable legit key, cheaper than buying from the store.

  33. Isabella Martinez

    Bought it last year and it still works just fine.

  34. Liam Taylor

    The key removed the watermark from my Windows 10.

  35. Sophia Anderson

    It works on my Windows 10 Home as well.

  36. Noah Wilson

    Apparently, it can upgrade your Windows 10 Home to the Pro version.

  37. Mia Perez

    Got it at a promo price, and it still works until today.

  38. William Gonzalez

    Bought it last week, and I haven’t faced any issues so far.

  39. Charlotte Lee

    Great value for money, but the customer service is a bit slow.

  40. James Jackson

    The Qookeys team provided great customer support.

  41. Amelia Hernandez

    I will definitely buy more keys from Qookeys in the future.

  42. Benjamin Miller

    Very nice website, fast delivery, and excellent customer service.

  43. Harper Garcia

    I received my keys instantly after purchase, no waiting time.

  44. Michael Smith

    Although my order was backordered, I still received my key after about 8 hours the same day.

  45. Abigail Jones

    Activated my Windows 10 Pro in no time.

  46. Alexander Rodriguez

    The key works perfectly, and the price is great.

  47. Emily Martinez

    This is my second purchase from Qookeys, and I’m very satisfied.

  48. Daniel Davis

    I highly recommend this product key for activating Windows 10 Pro.

  49. Madison Wilson

    Great customer service, they solved my issue in a few minutes.

  50. Christopher Martinez

    I was able to activate my Windows 10 Pro without any problems.

  51. Elizabeth Johnson

    The key worked on the first try, and I didn’t have to restart my PC.

  52. Samuel Brown

    Affordable and legitimate key, highly recommended.

  53. Matthew Thompson

    Removed the annoying watermark from my Windows 10.

  54. Natalie Davis

    Works on my desktop and laptop, highly recommended!

  55. Joseph Thomas

    This key is a great value for the price.

  56. Victoria Hernandez

    Bought it last month, and it still works like a charm.

  57. Grace Wilson

    I upgraded my Windows 10 Home to Pro with this key, and it worked perfectly.

  58. Joshua Rodriguez

    Got my key instantly after purchase, no waiting time.

  59. Avery Anderson

    Excellent customer service, they resolved my issue quickly.

  60. David Williams

    I activated my Windows 10 Pro with no problems at all.

  61. Chloe Taylor

    The key worked perfectly on my laptop, and it’s very affordable.

  62. John Lee

    This is the best price I could find for a legitimate Windows 10 key.

  63. Isabelle Hernandez

    The key works, and I’m very happy with my purchase.

  64. Daniel Clark

    The Qookeys team provided excellent customer service, highly recommended.

  65. Addison Martin

    I had no issues activating my Windows 10 Pro with this key.

  66. Ryan Green

    It worked on the first try, and I didn’t have to restart my PC.

  67. Scarlett Davis

    Bought it a few months ago, and it still works like a charm.

  68. Andrew Jackson

    Removed the watermark from my Windows 10, and I’m very satisfied.

  69. Emma Perez

    Works perfectly on my Windows 10 Home, highly recommended.

  70. Nathan Turner

    I was able to activate my Windows 10 Pro quickly and easily.

  71. Elizabeth Brown

    Affordable and legitimate key, I highly recommend it.

  72. Gabriel Martinez

    Bought it for a great price during the promo, and it still works perfectly.

  73. Lily Wilson

    This is my third purchase from Qookeys, and I’m very happy with their service.

  74. Christopher Smith

    Got my key instantly after purchase, no waiting time.

  75. Samantha Jones

    The Qookeys team provided great customer support when I had an issue.

  76. Alexander Davis

    I activated my Windows 10 Pro with this key, and it worked perfectly.

  77. Chloe Hernandez

    The key removed the annoying watermark from my Windows 10.

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