Clipchamp Introduces New Audio Functionality, with More to Come

Microsoft has just introduced some new audio features in its Clipchamp video editor, along with a preview of another upcoming feature. The team at Clipchamp is excited to share the latest audio improvements and forthcoming features that will enhance the video creation and editing experience for users. The new audio features include audio recording, allowing users to add voice-overs to their video creations for up to 30 minutes. Additionally, Clipchamp now supports text-to-speech editing, enabling users to customize the language, voice, emotion, pitch, and pace of voice tracks, as well as edit the script. Furthermore, a new silence removal feature is set to roll out in preview in February. This feature, designed to remove long periods of silence in videos, will be particularly useful for editing podcast recordings, long meetings, educational videos, and voiceovers. Keep an eye out for these exciting updates that will soon be available to Clipchamp users.

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