Microsoft Surface Pro X Cameras Stop Functioning

UPDATE 5/30: Microsoft issued a temporary fix for the camera problems on the Microsoft Surface Pro X, but some features and image quality may be affected.

Original Story:
Are the cameras on your Microsoft Surface Pro X not working? You’re not alone.

As reported by The Verge, the cameras on every Surface Pro X have stopped functioning, and users are encountering the Windows error “0xA00F4271 (0x80004005)” when accessing the camera app. However, there seems to be a clear cause for this issue.

According to a Reddit post by Motor-Roll-1788, some users have found that manually setting the date to May 22 or earlier gets the cameras working again. Although this solution is not recommended as it may disrupt certain services, it suggests that the problem stems from an expired Windows security certificate. In that case, Microsoft should be able to provide an official fix soon.

For now, Microsoft hasn’t provided a comment and is likely occupied with the Build conference. However, users who have contacted Microsoft have been informed that the issue is known, and a fix is in progress. So, if you own a Surface Pro X and can manage without the camera for a few days, it’s advisable not to attempt the manual date fix. Perhaps this is the perfect excuse to skip a few remote work meetings this week?

The Surface Pro X, depending on the model purchased, is now 2-3 years old and currently out of stock on the Microsoft Store. If the camera problem has given you a reason to upgrade, there are plenty of options within the Surface family.

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The Surface Pro X is discontinued and currently out of stock on the Microsoft Store. However, there are numerous choices for upgrades within the Surface family. [**End of Promo Box**]

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