Preview of Windows AI Copilot Launches Next Month, with Bing AI Plug-Ins to Follow

The Microsoft Build developer conference this year is heavily focused on AI, thanks to Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI. Over 50 new products are being announced, including Windows Copilot and Bing plug-ins. Windows Copilot is being touted as the first PC platform with centralized AI assistance, allowing users to easily take action and get tasks done. It can answer complex questions, compose text, and adjust settings. Additionally, Windows Copilot will have voice wakeup, making it even more convenient to use. The release of Windows Copilot is set for June.

Another key feature being highlighted at the conference is the integration of Copilots and plug-ins. Copilots are helper tools that utilize AI, while plug-ins involve third-party APIs that contribute to the AI’s functionality. Microsoft and OpenAI are committed to supporting the same AI plug-in standard, ensuring compatibility between Copilots and ChatGPT. Bing is also introducing several plug-ins for its AI chat, including ones for Instacart, Kayak, Klarna, Redfin, and Zillow. Developers will have the ability to extend Microsoft 365 Copilot with plug-ins from Atlassian, Adobe, Thompson-Reuters, and more.

Azure AI Studio is another developer tool that allows grounding AI to data. This means connecting AI’s words to real-world context, providing more meaningful responses. The tool also includes content safety features to prevent unsafe images and text.

Microsoft Fabric is a unified analytics platform that utilizes AI to find insights in data using conversational language. It offers role-specific experiences for various data-related roles within an organization.

For developers, Windows is getting a Dev Home dashboard that displays GitHub issues, system resources, and more. It can be customized with appropriate widgets and is open-source and extensible. Additionally, Windows is expanding its support for development on Arm by welcoming more third-party apps, middleware partners, and open-source software available natively on Arm.

Other announcements include AI-generated summaries and keywords in the app store, new privacy and security features for Windows 11, enhanced support for Microsoft’s security chip Pluton, secure printing with QR code authentication, isolation for Win32 programs, and new features for Windows 365 Cloud PC.

These are just a few highlights from the Microsoft Build conference. Stay updated with all the announcements on our Microsoft Build page.

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