To enhance the functionality of Windows 11, Microsoft is incorporating features that allow users to open compressed files and control RGB lighting on their PC accessories without the need for third-party apps. According to Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay, these improvements will be implemented using the open-source project libarchive to provide native support for various archive formats such as tar, 7-zip, rar, gz, and more. This integration will lead to better performance when compressing files on Windows.

With the arrival of this native support, users will no longer have to download tools like WinRAR to open different file formats. The Verge reported that Microsoft plans to introduce this functionality through a Windows preview build later this week.

Moreover, Microsoft is working on a universal app within Windows that will allow users to control the RGB lighting on their PC accessories. Panay highlighted that currently, many accessories rely on fragmented third-party apps and integrations. However, with the upcoming Dynamic Lighting feature, Windows users will be able to easily set up and customize their devices with RGB lights directly from Windows Settings. This improvement was initially spotted by a user during the testing phase of a Windows Insider preview build in February.

The company will release the Dynamic Lighting controls to beta users in the Windows Insider program this month. Although it remains unclear which PC peripherals will be supported, developers and hardware partners will have the opportunity to experiment with the feature for RGB accessories and components. This suggests that even CPU fans may be included.

Unfortunately, these new features won’t be brought to Windows 10. Last month, Microsoft announced that it would no longer add new features to Windows 10 through upcoming updates. This decision serves as an incentive for users to upgrade to Windows 11.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s efforts to integrate features like native support for archive formats and universal RGB lighting controls directly into Windows 11 will provide users with enhanced functionality and a more streamlined experience. These improvements eliminate the need for third-party apps and offer better performance when handling compressed files. While Windows 10 won’t receive these new features, Windows 11 presents a compelling reason for users to upgrade and enjoy these advancements.

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