Windows 24H2 seen as Windows 12 rumored to debut in 2024

The tech giant Microsoft is reportedly working on an updated version of their signature operating system. This new release could either be an enhancement, “24H2”, to the current Windows 11, or it could be introduced as an entirely new system labeled “Windows 12”.

The actual name of this impending release, which is associated with a platform version of 24H2, is still fluid and dependent on input from the company’s marketing department.

For an instance, the working title for the upgrade to Windows 11, “21H2”, was initially referred to as Windows 10 Sun Valley. Leaks as well as ads for job positions had alluded to “Sun Valley” as an update to Windows 10. However, after some developments and adjustments, Windows 10’s Sun Valley project was eventually rebranded as Windows 11.

Although it remains unclear whether the next edition of Windows will be Windows 11 24H2 or Windows 12, reliable sources and Microsoft’s business associates are in agreement that a major Windows enhancement is in the pipeline for 2024.

Prior to the release of Windows 24H2 or Windows 12, another minor update known as “Windows 11 Moment 5” is scheduled to roll out towards the end of February. This marks the first update to disassociate Microsoft Edge and Bing from Windows in European regions.

PhantomOcean, an established Microsoft watcher, has already identified indications of a February Moment 4 update.

New traces in the preview builds have all but confirmed that a new version of Windows is in development. According to another Microsoft watcher, “Windows 11 24H2” was recently spotted in a certain policy definition file, confirming that the next iteration of the Windows OS is well underway.

With the potential release on the horizon, industry partners have suggested a plausible introduction of the new Windows model as early as May or June, alongside new Snapdragon X hardware. It is expected that this next version of Windows, be it a Windows 11 24H2 update or the launch of Windows 12, will reach Release to Manufacturer (RTM) around April.

The expected timeframe for a significant Windows update featuring new functionalities appears to be in the fall of 2024, around September or October. In a similar manner as Windows 11, a “Moment 1” update may follow the initial release of Windows 24H2, filling in additional features later in 2024.

Entrepreneurially-minded individuals can opt to join the Windows Insider Program to experiment with these new features shortly after the official announcement.

Moreover, reports suggesting a significant “Windows refresh” in 2024 raises the likelihood of an early launch. Among those fueling the speculation are key executives at Acer and Quanta, with media reports and financial, press events making substantiating claims.

Without a doubt, 2024 is shaping up to be a year of significant developments for Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

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