Windows 11’s Usage Share Grows Slightly in October

The market researchers at StatCounter report that Windows 11’s usage has increased to 26.14% among all Windows versions in the previous month, showing a growth of 2.5 percentage points compared to the previous month. An even more positive statistic for Windows 11 is that its usage has risen by 59% compared to the same month last year, indicating a successful year for the operating system.

If we consider that there are approximately 1.4 billion Windows users overall (though it’s unclear whether this includes unsupported versions), we can estimate that around 970 million users are on Windows 10, while 366 million are on Windows 11. This estimation is slightly lower than what a recent report suggests but is still in the same ballpark.

Windows 10 experienced a slight decline in usage share last month, with a decrease of 2.27 percentage points. However, Windows 10 had been consistently maintaining its usage share for several months prior to this. In October, Windows 10 held a 69.35% usage share, compared to 71.26% usage share one year ago.

Among the other Windows versions, all of which are no longer supported, Windows 7 has seen a significant decline in usage over the past year, dropping from 10.63% to just 3.33% currently. Windows 8.1 holds a 0.61% usage share, while Windows XP is at the lowest with 0.34% usage share, according to StatCounter.

Looking at the desktop operating system market as a whole, Windows still leads with a 68.41% usage share (down from 75% one year ago), followed by macOS at 20.15% (up from 14.86%). ChromeOS has seen a growth to 3.89% (from 2.41%), while Linux lags behind at 3.02% (up from 2.8%).

However, when considering all operating systems, including mobile and desktop, the landscape changes significantly. Android takes the lead with a 37.66% usage share, followed by Windows at 30.7%, iOS at 16.63%, macOS at 9%, and ChromeOS at 1.75%.

In conclusion, Windows 11 has shown promising growth in usage share over the past year, indicating a positive response from users. While Windows 10 has experienced a slight decline, it still maintains a significant user base. Windows continues to dominate the desktop operating system market, though macOS and ChromeOS have also experienced growth. In the overall operating system landscape, Android holds the largest market share, followed by Windows and iOS.

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