The Windows 11 October 2023 Update has introduced a bug that causes crashes in Microsoft’s highly-anticipated Starfield and other games, displaying the 0x89245106 error code. Additionally, it appears that File Explorer performance has been negatively impacted by the update as well. We were able to reproduce most of the reported issues with Windows 11 KB5031354 (Build 22621.2428) on our own devices.

The October 2023 Update is the latest mandatory security update for Windows 11 22H2, and it includes several notable improvements, such as website integration in the “Recommended” section of the Start menu. However, despite the official release notes stating that Microsoft is not aware of any known issues, this is not the case.

Many users on X, Reddit, and Windows Latest’s comments section have confirmed that the recent cumulative update is causing problems with their Xbox games, with the 0x89245106 error code being the culprit. According to Microsoft’s documentation, this error code indicates that the operating system couldn’t detect the default user for the game.

One affected user noted in a post on the Feedback Hub, “Error 0x89245106 appears when I try to launch games like Starfield, Lies of P, and others.” Similar reports can be found on Reddit and other platforms. For instance, another user said, “I’m having the same issue. I cannot play Forza, Starfield, or Lies of P since the newest Windows Update. I have not tried any other games, just these 3 I have been currently playing.”

While the official support document does not acknowledge any new bugs in the Windows 11 October 2023 Update, a post in the Feedback Hub confirms that Microsoft is aware of the reports regarding certain games crashing and has already released a fix. They stated, “Thanks for taking the time to report this – this error should be resolved now. If you’re continuing to see it, please file a new piece of feedback with details about which game you’re launching for the team to investigate.”

In addition to gaming-related problems, the Windows 11 October 2023 Update is causing other issues. A previous report titled “Windows 11 KB5031354 is causing major issues” highlighted several bugs in the update. One notable problem is that right-clicking the Start icon and selecting either File Explorer or Settings triggers an immediate crash of Explorer. This issue is not entirely new, as it had already surfaced during the update’s preview phase. The legacy Control Panel is also experiencing similar launching issues.

A common sentiment among users is that the update has generally slowed down File Explorer’s performance. Some users have resorted to uninstalling the update as a quick fix, allowing File Explorer and Settings to operate without any issues.

It’s important for Microsoft to address these bugs and improve the overall performance and stability of the Windows 11 October 2023 Update.

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