NVIDIA and AMD to Challenge Qualcomm in Arm-Based PC Market, According to Report

Terry Myerson mentioned that the original plan included multiple chipset manufacturers for Windows on Arm-based PCs, and this vision may finally become a reality. Reuters reported that both NVIDIA and AMD could enter this market as early as 2025.

According to sources, NVIDIA has been working on these chipsets for several years. While Windows on Arm (WOA) has had its share of failures, Qualcomm is set to announce its latest-generation Snapdragon chipsets for PCs, which will supposedly offer enhanced performance. Microsoft executives, including vice president Pavan Davuluri, are expected to attend the Qualcomm event, as stated by Reuters.

If any of these companies are able to develop a compelling Arm chipset for PCs, it could significantly disrupt the market that has long been dominated by Intel. Intel disregarded Microsoft’s requests for more power-efficient PC chipsets over the years, which led to Microsoft seeking collaboration with Qualcomm for WOA. However, Qualcomm’s efforts thus far have been subpar, despite gradual performance improvements with each generation.

Reuters also confirmed the longstanding rumor that Microsoft granted Qualcomm exclusive rights to WOA chipsets, but this agreement is set to expire in 2024. As a result, other companies like NVIDIA, AMD, and others are now encouraged by Microsoft to enter the market once the exclusivity deal comes to an end, according to the same Reuters sources.

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