Windows 11 Field Guide Update: First Steps Taken for 23H2 Content Development

I have made significant progress in updating the Windows 11 Field Guide for version 23H2, particularly in the introductory chapters. These updates are being published on as they happen, but I have determined when I will post the first 23H2 update for the ebook version. However, there are certain content requirements that need to be fulfilled before that can happen. If you have been following, you may have noticed the chapter updates I have made over the past week, which you can find on our Windows 11 Field Guide landing page.

So far, I have completely updated nine chapters, which include topics like “What’s New and Familiar in Windows 11 Version 23H2,” “What’s Missing in Windows 11 Version 23H2,” “Windows 11 Version 23H2 Hardware Requirements and Recommendations,” “Upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 Version 23H2,” “Upgrade to Windows 11 Version 23H2 on Unsupported Hardware,” “Create Windows 11 Version 23H2 Installation Media,” “Step-by-Step: Windows Setup First-Boot Experience,” “Step-By-Step: Windows Setup Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE),” and “Overcome Windows Setup Annoyances.” These chapters are part of the first three sections of the book: “Get to Know Windows 11,” “Upgrade to Windows 11,” and “Install Windows 11,” respectively.

There is more to these chapter updates than meets the eye. Firstly, these are all new chapters on the site, which means I have not simply updated existing chapters, but replaced them entirely. If you scroll down to the bottom of the Table of Contents on the book landing page, you will find a new section called “Archive – 22H2” that provides links to the original chapter articles. Creating new chapter articles is just as intricate as editing the existing ones, if not more so. However, I am re-evaluating many aspects of the guide, and this approach seemed to be the best option.

In order to make it clear what’s new, I have changed the titles where applicable by replacing “Windows 11” with “Windows 11 version 23H2.” I have also rearranged some sections, such as having the “Upgrade to Windows 11” section come before the “Install Windows 11” section. Additionally, there is a wealth of new content, including numerous new screenshots, the highlighting of new features unique to 23H2 in the “What’s New and Familiar in Windows 11 Version 23H2” chapter, a simpler upgrade method for unsupported hardware, and the inclusion of the super-clean Windows 11 install method explained in the “Roll Your Own Windows Time Machine (Premium)” article in the “Overcome Windows Setup Annoyances” chapter.

Furthermore, the ebook version contains links to relevant content within each chapter, which won’t be available on the website. I diligently test every aspect of the book, such as each step in the OOBE, workarounds, and more, both on virtual machines and physical PCs. I have already reset my test PCs numerous times and recreated the 23H2 installation media multiple times as well. Additionally, I am ensuring consistency in the use of callouts (e.g., Tip, Warning) throughout the book by conducting a thorough review.

As you can see, there is a lot of meticulous work involved, but it is resulting in significant progress. Based on my current understanding, I have a clear idea of what needs to be completed before I can publish the first 23H2 ebook update. While I continue updating existing chapters in their order of appearance, I also plan to add two new chapters on Copilot and Windows Backup before releasing the ebook update. Additionally, there will be new content throughout the book, covering various topics like passkeys, Dev Home, bloatware removal, the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft Edge for Business, the new Teams – Free app, Notepad, Paint, and more. I have also considered including a chapter on properly configuring your Microsoft account.

There is a significant amount of work happening here, and I encourage you to check out the new chapter articles and provide feedback if possible. This is an excellent opportunity to influence the book before these updates are shared with the world. Thank you!

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