Microsoft Begins Introduction of Copilot in Windows on Canary Channel

Microsoft has recently announced the release of Windows 11 Insider build 25982 on the Canary Channel. This build includes the introduction of Copilot in Windows for Canary Channel testers.

If you thought Copilot was already available on the Canary Channel, you’re not alone. While the Canary Channel is meant for early adopters to test new features, lately, most new Windows 11 features have been rolling out first to the Dev Channel. However, this may not always be the case, and being on the Canary Channel might not feel like missing out anymore.

It’s important to note that Copilot in Windows is currently only accessible in North America, the UK, and parts of Asia and South America. Microsoft plans to expand its availability to more markets over time. However, if you’re in Europe, you won’t be able to access it at the moment. The AI assistant is also included in the Windows 11 Fall Update, which Microsoft released as an optional update on September 26.

In addition to Copilot, build 25982 brings changes to how the SMB network protocol operates on Windows 11. To enhance security, SMB now supports the encryption of all outbound SMB client connections.

Furthermore, Microsoft has addressed issues that caused File Explorer to hang upon opening. Additionally, a bug that made the print queue inaccessible has been fixed. For a comprehensive list of other changes, bug fixes, and known issues, you can refer to the full release notes.

Overall, Microsoft continues to make strides in improving Windows 11 and providing new features to users. With the introduction of Copilot and various fixes and improvements, the Windows 11 experience is becoming more refined and user-friendly.

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