Windows 11 embraces Android-like Wi-Fi password sharing feature

Windows 11 has introduced a new feature that allows users to share saved Wi-Fi passwords using QR codes. This feature makes it easier for guests to access Wi-Fi without manually entering credentials. Similar to Android or iOS Wi-Fi controls, this sharing feature eliminates the need for manual entry of Wi-Fi credentials on mobile devices. It also works with mobile hotspots.

In addition to Wi-Fi sharing, Windows 11 Build 25977 includes enhanced privacy controls. Apps will now prompt for permission when accessing location or Wi-Fi details for the first time. These prompts can be managed in the Location Settings.

Gone are the days of digging through Control Panel and numerous properties to find and save Wi-Fi passwords. Windows 11’s new sharing features provide a smoother and more convenient way to connect. By generating a QR code with the credentials of the Wi-Fi network, guests can quickly scan the code with their phone’s camera to log on. This feature is a standout change that greatly improves the user experience.

While existing methods require manual entry of Wi-Fi credentials on mobile devices, the upcoming update for Windows 11 offers a simpler solution. By selecting the Wi-Fi entry in the Settings and creating a QR code, users can easily connect to the internet via shared Wi-Fi by scanning the code with the camera app on their Android or iPhone. This functionality also extends to mobile hotspots.

The new Wi-Fi sharing feature is expected to be included in future updates of Windows 11, such as the 23H2 release. Microsoft is continuously working on improving Windows 11’s accessibility, and the Build 25977 update introduces support for Bluetooth Low Energy Audio (LE Audio) technology, specifically tailored for hearing aids. This update also allows users to adjust audio presets directly from the Windows settings.

Overall, Windows 11 Build 25977 brings significant improvements to Wi-Fi controls, privacy settings, and accessibility. Microsoft continues to enhance the user experience and provide innovative features that make connecting to Wi-Fi and managing settings more convenient.

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