Refund / Return Policy

Refunds in General:

We accept returns for unused products. The return window is 7 days from delivery date.

Generally we rarely offer refunds for downloadable items. Given to the nature of keys / serial numbers / product keys / vouchers, these products are not possible to be returned even if you have not used or redeemed them. There is no “trial” or “grace period” after purchasing which means all sales are final.

However, in a very slim number of cases, a refund may become eligible. For example, if you have purchased product activation or subscription service where that service can be turned on of off.

Moneyback Guarantee

If a product does not work, we must verify and examine if it really does not work. You may need to send us some screenshots or go on an online screen sharing services for verifications. We will replace keys that don’t work, but if you insist on getting a refund, we will grant your refund. No restocking fee(s) will be applied.

Refund Requests:

We will assess refund requests on their merits but generally there is no obligation to provide a refund if:

  • You have changed your mind.
  • You purchased a product by mistake.
  • You have brought another product elsewhere.
  • You lack the technical ability to make the item work; (Just contact us and ask, don’t be shy. We do want it to work for you)
  • You can no longer see your key in your account since it has been removed or you have lost it in your email.

Restocking Fee(s)

Restocking fee of US $5 may be applied for successful refund request.

If you feel that your case is eligible for a refund to be processed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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