Windows 11 Copilot improves, yet remains inaccessible to most users.

Microsoft is taking steps to enhance Copilot in Windows 11 with new features and improved integration. These updates include incorporating Copilot into the Task Switcher and extending support for multiple monitors, even on devices like the iPad. In Windows 11 Build 23570, users can expect changes such as the renaming of the Xbox Game Bar to “Game Bar,” improved performance in File Explorer, and fixes to the Start menu. Additionally, Microsoft is testing plugin support for Copilot, which could result in better AI integration, including the ability to use AI to perform actions like closing apps through the Task Manager.

In preparation for a wider rollout of Windows Copilot in Europe and Asia, Microsoft is testing various enhancements for Copilot in Windows 11. These improvements range from integrating Copilot into the Task Switcher (Alt+Tab) to providing support for multiple monitors. It is important to note that Copilot is currently unavailable in most European countries. When Copilot integration is enabled, users will have the option to quickly switch between the AI and apps using the Task Switcher interface. Moreover, support for multiple monitors means that users can utilize Copilot on various or shared monitors, including extending the Windows screen to Apple’s iPad.

To access Copilot on the desired monitor, users can simply click the Copilot icon on the taskbar. Additionally, the WIN + C shortcut can be used to display Copilot on the last monitor. Despite being web-based, Copilot functions like any other Windows app, allowing users to engage with the AI on any chosen monitor using the traditional Win + T keyboard shortcut to switch focus to the taskbar.

These new Copilot enhancements are available in Windows 11 Build 23570, along with other changes in the Dev Channel. Notable updates include rebranding the Xbox Game Bar to simply “Game Bar” as part of Microsoft’s effort to streamline gaming in the operating system. Furthermore, File Explorer performance issues have been addressed, and fixes have been made to the Start menu, including resolving an issue that caused apps to not be sorted in the all-apps list.

Furthermore, Microsoft is currently testing plugin support for Windows Copilot, enabling deeper integration with Windows 11 features. This plugin support extends beyond integrating third-party services and allows for greater synergy between Windows 11 and Copilot. One potential implementation of this plugin support is the integration of AI capabilities with Task Manager. References to a plugin for Task Manager in Copilot, such as “TaskManagerService-ai-plugin.json,” suggest that users may soon be able to control Task Manager using AI. For instance, AI-based Task Manager support could enable users to close apps through AI.

In addition to Task Manager integration, other AI plugins for Copilot may include accessibility tools, controlling essential Windows settings, setting alarms, launching more apps, smart file actions, and more. It is important to note that Windows Copilot availability is currently limited, and users in some European and Asian regions are still waiting for access to this AI functionality.

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