Microsoft Store gets speed boost on Windows 11 and Windows 10, finally!

Microsoft has recently unveiled an upgraded version of the Microsoft Store for Windows 11 and Windows 10, significantly improving its speed and performance. According to Microsoft, the new update, which is available to all users, no longer requires joining the Windows Insider Program. This means that anyone can enjoy the faster Microsoft Store experience.

With the latest version 22309, our tests have shown that the new Microsoft Store is nearly three times faster compared to its predecessor. While the previous version took around 10 to 15 seconds to load, the new Store now launches in just two to three seconds on our devices. This remarkable improvement ensures a seamless and efficient browsing experience for users.

However, Microsoft doesn’t plan on stopping here. They have promised to further enhance and optimize the Store on Windows 11 in future updates, aiming to make it even better and faster. While this particular update primarily focuses on bug fixes, the previous major update introduced exciting AI enhancements.

One notable addition is the introduction of the “AI Hub” within the Microsoft Store. This dedicated section highlights apps and tools that leverage artificial intelligence in various ways. Whether it’s your preferred image editor utilizing the power of AI or a music player with integrated AI capabilities, the AI Hub aims to showcase these innovative apps and help users discover unique AI-powered experiences.

Moreover, Microsoft has introduced the “AI reviews” feature, exclusive to Windows 11 users. This feature leverages artificial intelligence to generate and summarize user reviews for apps available in the Microsoft Store. Recognizing the importance of user reviews in decision-making, Microsoft utilizes AI to provide a balanced assessment of an app by combining the best and worst reviews. This way, users can get a comprehensive understanding of an app without having to read through numerous reviews.

In line with their focus on AI, Microsoft has already introduced AI-powered Windows Copilot in the Moment 4 update for Windows 11. Windows Copilot offers seamless integration of Bing Chat and AI capabilities into the taskbar and various settings. For instance, users can harness the power of Windows Copilot to easily toggle dark mode, enable or disable do not disturb, and adjust other settings. However, it’s essential to note that Windows Copilot is still a work in progress and lacks support for plugins.

As Microsoft continues to prioritize and invest in AI advancements, users can expect a more efficient and intelligent Windows experience with every update. The faster and improved Microsoft Store, along with the AI features introduced in Windows 11, brings us one step closer to a future driven by innovative technology.

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