Will Chrome’s side panel mirror Microsoft Edge? Google Bard integration on the horizon.

Google Chrome has introduced a new feature called the side panel, which bears a resemblance to Microsoft Edge’s sidebar functionality. Initially limited to customization options, the side panel now integrates features from Google Search, hinting at a potential integration of Bard or Search Generative Experience (SGE) into the browser.

With this update, users can now access Google Search’s interactive features directly through the side panel in Chrome Canary. This has led to speculation about Google’s plans to bring its browser on par with Microsoft Edge in terms of functionality.

The revamped side panel now integrates features from Google.com, offering users additional information when visiting popular websites like WindowsLatest.com or CNN.com. This includes related searches, a website description, and similar articles. Notably, the “About this source” section provides details about a specific webpage’s source, including a description, platform information, and when Google indexed or featured the site.

The similarity between Google’s side panel and Microsoft Edge’s sidebar functionality is particularly noticeable in the integration of Bing Chat replacement, offering insights on related topics, the opened page, and the website.

The deeper integration of Google Search in the side panel also suggests a potential incorporation of Bard or its Search Generative Experience (SGE). SGE utilizes AI to provide summarized web content, aiding users in faster comprehension of topics and exploration of new viewpoints and insights. If implemented, this integration would mark a significant stride in the evolution of Google Chrome.

Currently, Google’s side panel in Chrome Canary offers features such as a Reading list, Bookmarks, Journeys, Reading mode, and Google Search. However, it is important to note that the company is still working on refining the side panel experience, and there is no information available regarding its public release.

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