Windows 11 users stage protest amid Microsoft’s plans to impose Outlook web app and replace UWP

Legacy Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 10 are being phased out by Microsoft. The company plans to migrate users to the new Outlook, which will replace the existing apps. While Windows 11 includes Mail and Calendar apps, Microsoft aims to consolidate all apps into the web-based The retirement of the current UWP Mail and Calendar apps is imminent, with the new Outlook for Windows taking their place. However, Microsoft faced criticism for its decision to replace Mail and Calendar with the Outlook app in 2024. The company has stated that it will reconsider the timing and implementation of this change. Despite the potential backlash, Microsoft is moving forward with its plans to migrate users to the new Outlook app in August 2023. Users will not have the option to opt out of this migration process. Nevertheless, they can still return to the Mail and Calendar apps by using the toggle feature in the new Outlook for Windows. By the end of 2024, support for the Mail and Calendar apps will be discontinued, leaving users with the option to use the new Outlook web app. However, this forced migration has faced criticism from users who believe it will turn Windows into a web-based operating system, similar to ChromeOS. Users have expressed concerns about the new Outlook, citing issues with speed, notifications, and the inability to provide a good replacement for native apps. Additionally, the modern Outlook app is more resource-intensive than the older Mail app, potentially causing performance issues for users with limited hardware. The integration of the WebView component based on Microsoft Edge/Chromium has significantly increased RAM usage in the Outlook app. While the new Outlook offers improved web compatibility and rendering capabilities, this comes at the cost of increased resource consumption. Overall, user sentiments show resistance to Microsoft’s move, with many believing that web-based apps cannot fully replace the functionality and user experience of native apps.

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