Samsung has recently unveiled a Windows edition of its popular Samsung Internet web browser on the Microsoft Store. Initially launched on Samsung Galaxy Android phones, the Chromium-based browser’s Windows version is still a bit underdeveloped.

Upon visiting the Microsoft Store listing, users will notice that the application’s description contains only a single sentence. Additionally, the product screenshot displayed is that of Google Chrome, rather than the actual Samsung Internet browser. Although the browser’s user interface greatly resembles Google Chrome, some elements have yet to be fully translated into English.

To gain access to Samsung Internet using your Samsung account, users must first download the Samsung Account app from the Microsoft Store. However, this process is not particularly seamless. Nevertheless, given that Samsung Internet is chromium-based, it should deliver a familiar user experience.

Samsung Internet offers a built-in ad blocker, featuring “Basic” and “Aggressive” settings, with the default being switched off. Another noteworthy feature available in the Options menu allows users to enable Dark Mode on websites that do not natively provide that option.

Samsung may be a significant player in the smartphone market, but its footprint in the PC market is relatively small. Despite this, Samsung has successfully migrated several of its mobile apps to Windows, and these can be found alongside Samsung Internet on the Microsoft Store. However, some apps, such as Samsung Notes, are exclusively available on the company’s Galaxy Book PCs.

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