Microsoft is rolling out a new energy-saving feature for Windows 11, intended to enhance battery performance on laptops. The latest Windows 11 Insider build 26002 for testers on the Canary Channel introduces the new energy saver feature.

The Windows Insider team explained that the energy saver feature is designed to optimize battery life and reduce energy usage while trading off some system performance. This change is making a meaningful difference for users striving to increase the longevity of their device’s battery.

While energy saver primarily targets laptops and tablets running on batteries, it can also be activated when PCs are plugged in, including desktop models, to save energy continuously. Furthermore, users can set the feature to automatically engage once the battery percentage drops below a specified level.

Accessing the Energy Saver mode is straightforward, as it can be turned on through System > Power settings and is also available in the Quick Settings flyout in the system tray. By incorporating this feature, Microsoft is putting greater control of energy consumption directly into the hands of users.

The Windows 11 Insider build 26002 also brings two other notable changes for Quick Settings. It features a new split toggle for easier VPN activation and deactivation with a single click. Additionally, Microsoft has added a refresh button in the Wi-Fi section of the flyout menu, making it more convenient for users to manage their network connectivity.

In a double release today, Microsoft also unveiled the Windows 11 Dev build 23595. This update relocates the Copilot icon to the right side of the system tray on the taskbar, aligning it with the Windows 10 version. Moreover, Microsoft is enhancing Nearby Sharing by enabling file sharing with Android devices in discoverable mode through Bluetooth. These updates are setting the stage for a more efficient and seamless user experience across the Windows 11 ecosystem.

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