Public Preview of Windows 365 Switch Debuts

Microsoft has recently introduced Windows 365 Switch, a feature that allows users to seamlessly switch between their local PCs and cloud-based Windows 365 PCs. This functionality is now available in public preview, offering a convenient and familiar experience for users.

According to Christiaan Brinkhoff, an official from Microsoft, Windows 365 Switch allows users to effortlessly transition between their Windows 365 Cloud PC and their local desktop using familiar keyboard commands, mouse-clicks, or swipe gestures. This feature also integrates smoothly with Windows 11’s Task View, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

To access the public preview of Windows 365 Switch, users need to enroll in the Windows Insider Beta channel on their Cloud PC. Although Microsoft recommends using the Beta channel, enrollment in the Dev channel is also supported. Additionally, users must also enroll in the Windows Insider Beta channel on their local PC. Once these steps are completed, users can install the Windows 365 app from the Microsoft Store. IT administrators in managed environments can also use Intune to automatically download the app to desktops. However, it is important to note that it may take a few hours for the Switch feature to become available on the PC after installation.

After going through a simple setup process, users will receive a notification in Task View on their local PC, notifying them that they can now switch to their Cloud PC. Furthermore, users can also access the Switch feature by mousing over Task View and selecting the “Connect to Windows 365” tile at the bottom of the screen. Similarly, users can switch back to their local PC from the Cloud PC using Task View on the Cloud PC.

For more information on Windows 365 Switch, Microsoft provides comprehensive details on the feature through the Microsoft Learn website.

In summary, Windows 365 Switch offers users the ability to effortlessly transition between their local and cloud-based Windows 365 PCs. With its seamless integration and user-friendly experience, this feature enhances productivity and convenience for users.

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