Download links for Windows 11 KB5029263 update now available

The Windows 11 KB5029263 update is now available to the general public, offering several important bug fixes. Microsoft has also provided direct download links for offline installers in case users prefer not to use Windows Update for installation.

This update, KB5029263, is a mandatory security update for Windows 11 and will be installed automatically by Microsoft. One of the key improvements in this update is better support for handwriting tools on the computer. Additionally, there are enhancements to the notification system, which helps to prolong battery life.

The August 2023 update also improves the reliability of notifications sent to your computer. Users who experienced difficulties signing into their computers without an internet connection will find that this issue has been resolved.

Other enhancements include improved text editing, fixes for certain fonts, and solutions to printing problems. The update also includes added security features to protect your computer against potential attacks. In summary, this update addresses previous issues and introduces new features to enhance the Windows 11 experience.

If you are using Windows 10, Microsoft has released a similar update with the same changes.

Here are the download links for Windows 11 KB5029263:

– 64-bit: [Download Here](

The changelog for Windows 11 KB5029263 includes the following highlights:

– Improved support for the Handwriting Software Input Panel (SIP), Handwriting Engine, and Handwriting Embedded Inking Control.
– Optimization to support GB18030-2022 conformance level 2, meeting level 3 requirements.
– Addressing power consumption issues in the Windows Notification Platform, improving battery life.
– Strengthening the connection between the client and the WNS server under Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) for increased stability.
– Resolving sign-in issues for hybrid joined device users when not connected to the internet, particularly when using Windows Hello for Business PIN or biometric credentials in a cloud trust deployment.
– Enhancing the Windows Autopilot profiles’ download process for unstable network connections.
– Increasing the number of retry attempts when downloading the Windows Autopilot profile.
– Fine-tuning Event Forwarding Subscriptions to avoid forwarding unnecessary events after adding an Event Channel.
– Resolving installation errors caused by improper device shutdown affecting the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) repository.
– Refining hinting for certain letters of the Verdana Pro font family.
– Ensuring stability of user mode printer drivers.
– Making text editing more user-friendly.
– Improving accessibility by announcing the “Change product key” label with Narrator.

Here is a summary of the key bug fixes in this update:

– Resolved issues with a sudden switch in the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) mode disrupting print jobs and persistent eSIM switch prompts for some WWAN devices after a restart.
– Added vulnerable drivers to the Windows Kernel Driver Blocklist to protect against potential Bring Your Own Vulnerable Driver (BYOVD) attacks.
– Rectified glitches related to Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC), the fastfat file system driver, and I/O operations over Server Message Block (SMB) with specific compression algorithms.

By installing the KB5029263 update, you can ensure better performance, enhanced security, and an overall improved Windows 11 experience.

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