Microsoft’s Flawed Windows 11 Update Leads to Blue Screen Errors, Prompts Intervention

Microsoft has reportedly halted the distribution of the Windows 11 optional update for certain devices due to a Blue Screen of Death error that affected MSI PCs. This particular update, which was released alongside the MSI BIOS update, has been causing problems on MSI motherboards with Intel and AMD hardware.

As you may already know, Microsoft releases at least two updates for Windows 11 each month. The first update is Patch Tuesday, which focuses on security fixes, while the second update is an optional release that introduces new features. However, the Windows 11 KB5029351 update, unfortunately, resulted in Blue Screen of Death errors for some devices.

It remains unclear whether these issues are primarily caused by the Microsoft update or the MSI update. Nevertheless, Microsoft has decided to withdraw the update following numerous complaints from frustrated users. Several users reported on the Feedback Hub that their PCs failed to boot and displayed an “Unsupported Processor” error message after installing the KB5029351 update.

It is uncertain who is to blame for these problems, but Microsoft has taken action by removing the update from circulation. Consequently, users are no longer able to see the update when checking for available updates on their affected devices.

During our testing, we also observed that Microsoft has pulled the optional cumulative update for certain devices. It is unknown at this time if the company is working on an alternative update. However, unaffected devices can still access the Patch Tuesday update.

It is worth noting that the Blue Screen of Death errors may be related to a BIOS update aimed at enabling support for Intel’s 14th-generation processors. However, this is merely speculation as Microsoft has confirmed that they are currently investigating these reports.

Interestingly, the botched Windows 11 update was designed to bring several benefits to users. For instance, it promised a new hover behavior for the search box on the taskbar. According to the official support document, Microsoft added a feature that allows users to access the search flyout simply by hovering over the search box.

In addition, the update resolved issues with the search icon, search app, and a bug that affected the TAB key. Microsoft also addressed problems with Narrator, ensuring that it can now correctly identify the search box on the taskbar.

Although these improvements may entice users to install the update, it is important to understand that the optional update changes are bundled with the Patch Tuesday update. In other words, users can expect to receive these improvements in the September 2023 Windows 11 Patch Tuesday update.

However, it is understandable that Windows 11 owners were eager to install the update immediately, as these updates aim to improve the overall quality of the operating system.

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