Microsoft Store Allows You to Select Game Installation Location

Microsoft Store Games

Microsoft has recently rolled out an important new feature for gamers in the Microsoft Store app. Users can now select the drive where they want to install PC games. Although this may seem like a basic addition, it’s a vital usability improvement given the large storage requirements of games like Starfield and Forza Motorsport.

According to Daniel Paulino, Senior Software Engineer on the Microsoft Store team, the new experience is specifically designed for MSIXVC games and includes multiple under-the-hood improvements aimed at improving the reliability of MSIXVC installations.

The latest update, version 22310, offers users the ability to choose their preferred drive to install games like Starfield, Halo, and Minecraft. Despite the lingering issues with large game downloads, the Microsoft Store app is continuously adding features to enhance user experience.

If you’re a user of the PC Game Pass, which offers excellent value, you’re required to download games from the Microsoft Store’s library. Paulino emphasized that the team is open to feedback and is committed to improving the app based on user input.

For those unfamiliar, MSIXVC stands for Microsoft Installer for Xbox Virtual Console. It’s a set of packaging tools for developers to distribute their PC games on the Microsoft Store. If you spot an MSIXVC folder on your PC, it’s reserved for storing installers for games downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Overall, the implementation of the new installation options and ongoing improvements in user experience could make the Microsoft Store a more reliable option for PC gamers.

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