Microsoft Paint on Windows 11 Will Now Feature Dark Mode (Finally)

Microsoft is currently conducting tests for a dark mode feature in Paint, specifically designed for Windows 11. This feature was initially teased by the tech giant as part of a complete app redesign almost two years ago. Presently, the dark mode feature is being tested in the Canary and Dev Channels for Windows Insiders. However, when it becomes available to everyone later this year, users will have the option to manually enable the dark mode in the new settings page for Paint. If the system theme is already set to dark, Paint will automatically switch to dark mode.

The updated version of Paint not only includes the dark mode feature but also offers a fit-to-screen option to match the window size. Additionally, it has improved accessibility shortcuts. Microsoft has ensured that the “Image Properties” dialogs in the new Paint app adhere to the design style of Windows 11 and blend seamlessly with the overall backdrop of the app.

According to The Verge, the introduction of dark mode in Paint brings it in line with other built-in Windows apps that already possess this feature. Users of Paint can expect a cohesive experience across all Windows apps in terms of the dark mode functionality.

Furthermore, Microsoft is catering to the needs of creatives by introducing a preview version of Designer in Microsoft Teams on Windows 11. This feature, powered by generative AI technology, allows users to create personalized designs by describing their design ideas in words or uploading images. In addition, Microsoft has introduced Discord-like communities on Teams for Windows 11.

To enhance the user experience, Microsoft has made improvements to the zoom controls in Paint. According to Dave Grochoki, principal program lead for built-in Windows apps, users will now have greater flexibility and control over their content view on the canvas. They can set a custom zoom value and adjust the zoom level using a zoom slider.

These updates from Microsoft reflect their commitment to providing users with a more dynamic and feature-rich experience in applications such as Paint and Teams on Windows 11. As the launch of Windows 11 approaches, users can look forward to a host of new features and improvements that aim to enhance productivity, creativity, and accessibility.

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