Windows 11 Receives Widgets for Monitoring CPU, Memory, and GPU Usage

Microsoft has introduced widgets in Windows 11 that allow gamers to monitor the performance of their CPU, GPU, and computer memory. Neowin reported that the open-source developer app called Dev Home, which was recently announced by Microsoft, now supports widgets that provide information on the speed, temperature, and utilization of the CPU and GPU. Users with multiple GPUs can easily switch between different graphic cards. With this new feature, users can check their computer performance using the Windows key + W shortcut, instead of relying on the Game Bar or other third-party apps like HWiNFO64 or Windows Task Manager.

To use this feature, users will need to download the free Dev Home Preview app from the Microsoft Store or GitHub. However, it’s important to note that Dev Home is currently in its preview stage, so the widgets may not be stable and could potentially become unresponsive or disappear from the board.

This update comes as Microsoft released the communities feature on Teams for Windows 11. This feature, similar to Discord, allows users to organize and communicate with family and friends, small community groups, or businesses through meetings, calendars, and chat.

In addition, Microsoft is adding a preview version of Designer to Microsoft Teams on Windows 11. This feature uses generative AI technology and enables users to create personalized designs by describing a design idea in words or uploading an image.

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