In the Windows 11 Settings app, Microsoft is testing recommendations for Copilot Pro with KB5034220. Currently in Beta channel preview builds, a new card promoting Copilot Pro, which offers a $20 subscription for access to ChatGPT-4 Turbo and other features, has been quietly enabled. The Windows Settings app, typically divided into categories like System, Bluetooth & devices, Network & internet, and others, also contains a “Home” section displaying the overall configuration of Windows, such as the user’s preferred theme and connected devices.

Additional, Microsoft has recently started showing “Microsoft Copilot Pro” recommendations within the Settings app and other sections of it, which cannot be dismissed or removed. Notably, the ad mentions that obtaining Copilot Pro grants access to newer GPT versions, including ChatGPT-4 Turbo, and enables faster creation of AI images, with buttons to obtain Copilot Pro and learn about its inclusions. On the same page, a section to try Microsoft 365 for free, containing apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, also exists.

Despite being referred to as “recommendations”, these promotional “Cards” in the Settings app serve a similar purpose to traditional ads. While a unique feature, they are also visible for other Microsoft services like OneDrive, Microsoft 365, and Edge. Overall, Copilot Pro recommendations are expected to become more widespread in the production builds, as they have been observed in two pages of Windows Settings starting with KB5034220. Additionally, links for Copilot in the Settings app contain a “ref” parameter, used for tracking user interactions. Similarly, “accountspagelearnmore” and “amchomelearnmore” URL parameters are utilized by Microsoft to understand Settings ad engagement.

In addition to Settings app promotions for Copilot Pro, ads for the service have also popped up elsewhere on Windows 11. Previously, similar ads have been observed for OneDrive, Microsoft 365, Edge, and Amazon Prime Video. Nevertheless, these promotions serve to generate interest in and enable the aforementioned Microsoft services.

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