Issues with KB5028185 Updates

The recent Windows 11 update, called KB5028185, has caused some problems for people. Some users have experienced blue screens and their computers restarting repeatedly. Others have noticed that a security update keeps installing multiple times. These issues have been frustrating for many people.

One user reported that their computer’s disk usage went up to 100% after the update and their drive disappeared from the device list. They were only able to fix the problem by uninstalling the KB5028185 update.

Another problem people are facing is the continuous installation of a security intelligence update. Although this doesn’t cause major issues, it can be annoying because it keeps showing up in the update history.

Microsoft recently fixed a bug in Windows Defender that was showing false warnings, but this bug fix is unrelated to the repetitive installations of the security intelligence updates.

There have also been reports of performance issues with Windows 11. Some users have experienced slow speeds and long installation times after the update. One person with an Asus Z790 motherboard had issues with their USB ports, but uninstalling KB5028185 solved the problem.

Some users have noticed flickering displays while playing games after the update. This happens when the screen refresh rate is above 60 Hz or when the game is played in full-screen or borderless window mode. At the moment, there is no clear solution to this problem.

To fix these issues, it is recommended to uninstall the KB5028185 update. However, uninstalling the update might leave your system vulnerable to security threats. It’s best to wait for the next update or an official solution from Microsoft.

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