Direct Download Links for Windows 11 KB5028185 Moment 3 Release

Hey there! Did you hear about the new Windows 11 update? It’s called KB5028185 and it brings some cool new features, like Moment 3. If you install this update through Windows Update, you’ll unlock hidden features in Windows 11 Moment 3. Pretty cool, right?

But here’s the thing, this update is really important for your computer’s security. So it will automatically download and install in the next few days, or you can manually check for updates and get it sooner.

Before we talk about Moment 3, let me give you a quick background on how Windows 11 updates work. Microsoft used to release big updates for Windows every year, but now they’re taking a different approach. Instead of one big update, they’re releasing smaller updates more frequently. These smaller updates are like little drops of new features, and they call them “Moments” or “Windows 11 feature drops”. They’ve released three of these Moments so far, and there’s another one coming soon.

To get the Moment 3 update, just go to your Windows Settings, click on Windows Update, and check for updates. You should see the update there.

Oh, and if you’re still using Windows 10, don’t worry! Microsoft has released an update for that too, with bug fixes and improvements.

Now, let’s talk about what’s new in Moment 3. One cool feature is an icon in the Taskbar that tells you when your computer is using a VPN connection. It’s like a little shield icon. But there’s a catch, it only works with certain VPN connections set up through Windows 11. So if you’re using a third-party VPN app, it won’t show up.

There are also some smaller tweaks, like a copy button for two-factor authentication codes in notifications. This makes it easier to copy the code without opening the app. This feature was already available on phones, but now it’s coming to Windows 11.

And guess what? Microsoft has added even more features to the Taskbar! Now you can create a live kernel memory dump, which helps with troubleshooting issues. But this feature is a bit more advanced, so you might need some technical knowledge to use it.

Okay, let’s quickly go through the bug fixes in this update. It improves the stability of Windows and the Desktop Window Manager. It also fixes issues with receiving notifications, scanning barcodes, and using the Narrator feature. There are also fixes for Microsoft Teams, network issues, and printing problems. And if you use Azure Virtual Desktop or Windows 365, there’s a fix for that too.

Oh, one more thing! Now you can open an elevated command prompt using an admin account without signing in. That’s pretty handy if you ask me.

So there you have it, all the cool new stuff in the Windows 11 Moment 3 update. Keep an eye out for the update on your computer, and enjoy exploring the new features!

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