Intel confirms Windows update in 2024, drops hints about Windows 12 enhancement.

Intel has indirectly confirmed the existence of a new version of Windows, possibly called “Windows 12,” which is set to release in 2024. This next iteration of Windows is expected to bring significant design improvements, with a focus on web-related features. It is believed that there will be a “web-focused” or “web-first” variant of Windows 12, emphasizing cloud and web technologies like PWAs and Edge.

During the City 2023 Global Technology Conference, David Zinsner, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Intel Corporation, confirmed that a new version of Windows or a “Windows refresh” is coming in 2024. This suggests that Windows 12 or a similar name will be the next version of the operating system.

Microsoft and its partners have not explicitly revealed the name of the next generation of Windows, similar to how Windows 11 was referred to as a “Sun Valley” update for Windows 10. However, leaked slides and documents from March 2023 have confirmed that Intel’s next-generation Meteor Lake desktop platform will support Windows 12.

Microsoft follows a three-year engineering schedule for new versions of Windows, so it is expected that Windows 12 or a significant Windows refresh will be released in the fall of 2024.

In terms of design changes, Microsoft is exploring a “floating taskbar” design, which would present the taskbar in a docked-style interface. This design change aligns with their commitment to incorporating “rounded corners” in the operating system.

Overall, the confirmation from Intel and previous leaks indicate that Windows 12 is on the horizon, promising design improvements and a focus on web-related features.

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