Intel CFO David Zinsner recently hinted at a forthcoming “Windows refresh” in 2024, potentially referring to the speculated release of Windows 12. Speaking at the Citi analyst conference in September, Zinsner expressed optimism about the potential impact of this update on the client market, emphasizing the need for a refresh due to the outdated installed base. Intel believes that the Windows catalyst in 2024 will initiate this much-needed revitalization.

While the conference took place on September 6, news of Zinsner’s remarks has only surfaced recently, thanks to PC Gamer’s discovery of a transcript. Although Zinsner’s comment regarding “Windows” was brief, it holds significance considering Intel’s focus. The CFO anticipates stabilization in the PC industry in 2024, followed by subsequent growth. Windows 12, with its anticipated artificial intelligence (AI) hardware requirements or recommendations, could play a vital role in driving this growth.

Zinsner also expressed confidence in Intel’s client business, especially with the introduction of the recently released AI-focused CPU chipset called Meteor Lake. This innovative product offers significant applications in AI, serving as a positive indicator for the future of Intel’s PC business.

In conclusion, Zinsner’s remarks highlight the potential impact of the upcoming Windows refresh in 2024, with Intel positioned to benefit from this anticipated update. The introduction of Windows 12 and the advanced AI capabilities of Intel’s Meteor Lake chipset could contribute to the growth and stabilization of the PC industry.

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