Microsoft is making it easier to use Android apps and games on Windows 11. They’re working with Amazon to bring more of these apps to your computer. This is exciting because it means you’ll have access to a wider range of apps without needing to create separate versions for desktop computers.

Amazon’s AppStore has already added popular apps like TikTok, Audible, and games like Hungry Shark Evolution and Epic Seven to Windows 11. You can use these apps on your computer without any extra work.

Microsoft has confirmed that even more Android apps and games are coming to Windows 11. They’re making improvements to the Android subsystem, which is the part of Windows that lets you use these apps. The latest update makes the subsystem run faster on computers with limited resources, and it also improves compatibility with cameras.

There are other cool features too, like a full-screen mode that gives you a more immersive experience, and the ability to connect Android apps to other devices on your network. Microsoft is always working to make the subsystem better, so you can expect even more updates in the future.

Overall, this is great news for Windows 11 users who want to access a wide range of Android apps and games on their computers. It’s exciting to see Microsoft and Amazon working together to make this happen.

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