Windows Insider MVP Program to Cease Operations Later this Year

Microsoft recently announced the end of the Windows Insider MVP program, which was established back in 2016. This program brought together a community of passionate Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) who were dedicated to Windows and consumer devices. The decision to retire the program comes as Microsoft aims to consolidate MVP-style programs across the company. Effective December 31, 2023, all existing Windows Insider MVPs will be nominated to participate in the Microsoft MVP Program, which offers similar benefits and networking opportunities with other Microsoft MVPs globally.

The Windows Insider MVP Program provided its members with various perks, including free subscriptions to Microsoft products and invitations to exclusive events. To become a part of this program, Windows enthusiasts had to be nominated by a Microsoft employee or an existing MVP. As of now, there are 90 Windows Insider MVPs listed in the online directory.

However, it seems that the MVP program may have become outdated, as the impact of Windows Insiders has diminished over time. In the past, the Windows Insider Program had a more public presence with influential individuals such as Gabe Aul and Dona Sarkar. Back in 2016, Dona Sarkar stated that the Windows Insider Program was where the future of Windows was shaped directly by its users. But now, most new Windows features are only rolled out to a limited group of Insiders, leaving many enthusiasts waiting for more.

In conclusion, the Windows Insider MVP program will be phased out at the end of this year, with existing MVPs transitioning to the Microsoft MVP Program. Despite the changes, the mission of shaping the future of Windows through user involvement remains a question, as the program’s impact has waned in recent times.

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