Windows 11 users protest Microsoft’s WordPad removal, citing its superior speed compared to MS Word

Users are expressing discontent with Microsoft’s announcement to remove WordPad in a future release of Windows, potentially Windows 12. Many users have reached out to Microsoft through its Feedback Hub, with one user highlighting that WordPad loads RTF files faster than MS Word on Windows 11 and other Windows versions.

In an update to the support document on September 1, Microsoft confirmed the deprecation of WordPad in Windows 11 and its plans to remove it in a future release of the operating system. According to the document, “WordPad is no longer being updated and will be removed in a future release of Windows.” Although it’s unclear which “future release of Windows” is being referred to, it is believed to be Windows 12, expected to arrive in the fall of 2024.

Microsoft’s decision to remove WordPad from Windows has sparked anger among many users, although some remain indifferent. While WordPad may not be as popular as Notepad or MS Word, it is not considered bloatware, especially when compared to preinstalled apps and games like Candy Crush.

One advantage of WordPad over Notepad is its image support. Users have emphasized this feature in Feedback Hub posts as well as in comments. WordPad is regarded as the best app for loading RTF files and offers image support, which is missing in Notepad. One user stated that WordPad’s ability to load RTF files quickly is unmatched by MS Word.

Regarding the relevance of WordPad in today’s context, opinions vary. Some consider WordPad outdated and out of place, reminiscent of a time when users had to choose between simple and fancy text. Conversely, others find WordPad useful due to its straightforward handling of RTFs.

One user mentioned using WordPad for creating RTF email signatures without unnecessary details, as it keeps the file size smaller compared to Word. Another user explained the continued use of .RTF files for simple documents, particularly when offline. They highlighted the convenience of WordPad as the only built-in tool for combining text and pictures in one document.

Some users expressed hopes for WordPad improvements, such as adding spell check and grammar checks similar to Microsoft Word. However, Microsoft has made it clear that it has no plans to continue supporting WordPad on Windows.

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