Windows 11 update confirms integration of DALL-E AI image creator in Microsoft Paint

The Paint app in Windows 11 is undergoing a substantial AI upgrade that includes the integration of a DALL-E and Bing-powered “Cocreator” feature. This feature enables the creation of realistic images from text descriptions. The updated Paint app will also have deeper integration with features such as background removal and will be powered by web technology. Additionally, Paint has recently introduced features like Photoshop-like background removal, Layers, and transparency support.

Despite Panos Panay leaving Microsoft for Amazon, the tech giant continues to bring significant updates to Windows 11. One of the most popular apps, Paint, is set to receive a big push in AI. Microsoft is testing a DALL-E and Bing-powered image creator called “Cocreator” in the Paint app. This feature utilizes the AI system developed by Microsoft and OpenAI to transform text descriptions into realistic images and artwork.

Although the details are not yet available, references in the updated app suggest that Microsoft is using the latest DALL-E models. The Cocreator feature in Paint can generate high-resolution DALL-E images in familiar square formats. This is similar to Bing Chat’s Image Creator update, which is available to all users of Microsoft’s AI Chatbot.

A notable difference between Bing Chat and Paint’s image creator mode is that the latter has deeper integration with features like background removal. It is also important to mention that the new “Cocreator” panel in Paint will be powered by web technology, which may result in slower performance compared to native technology, but it will still effectively fulfill its purpose.

Upon reviewing the updated app package of Paint, it is confirmed that Microsoft is implementing OpenAI’s safeguards. In the event that an offensive picture is generated by the app, there is an option to flag it as unsafe. Users can also provide direct feedback to Microsoft through the thumbs-up or thumbs-down buttons.

The codebase also reveals that Microsoft has made “changes” to OpenAI’s DALL-E safeguards to impose an additional limit on the generation of unsafe images. Harmful prompts are automatically blocked, and if users continue to abuse the feature, Microsoft may issue warnings through web-based messages in Paint.

Paint’s AI integration is currently being tested in internal builds, and it is expected to become available to testers in the coming days or weeks. More information about DALL-E and other features in Paint may be shared at the Surface event.

In addition to the integration of DALL-E, Paint has received other noteworthy updates. For example, it now offers features like Photoshop-like background removal, Layers, and transparency support. With Layers, users can add, manage, and stack layers for more detailed artwork. The Layers button can be found in the toolbar, along with a dedicated panel for managing layers. Another new feature is AI-powered background removal, which allows users to remove the background from any image and create PNGs. Additionally, transparent PNGs can now be opened or created, allowing for pictures without default white or dark fill-ins.

Microsoft is also working on significant changes for the Windows 11 operating system, and more details may be announced at the Surface event on September 21. At the event, Microsoft plans to unveil the next major update for Windows 11, as well as new devices like Surface Go 4, Surface Laptop Go 3, Surface Laptop Studio 2, and various AI integrations.

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