Windows 11 to feature ‘Advanced Settings’ panel for power users

Microsoft is planning to add an “Advanced Settings” panel to Windows 11 through Dev Home. This new panel could provide users with more control over the operating system’s built-in settings or behaviors, such as changing the appearance of the folder icon in File Explorer for tagged folders.

With the release of Windows 11 Moment 4, Microsoft introduced numerous updates and new features to the OS. One of the additions was a new “Advanced Settings” panel in Dev Home.

As per the information available on GitHub, Microsoft is preparing to introduce this “Advanced Settings” option in the Dev Home app. The new Settings page will be accessible to all Windows 11 users, enabling them to manage features such as “Show file extensions,” “Show hidden and system files,” and “Show full path in title.”

While it has been possible to toggle these features through File Explorer’s folder views or Registry, users will soon be able to manage all advanced settings of Windows 11 in one place within the Dev Home app.

For those unfamiliar, Dev Home is a specialized sandboxed experience within Windows 11 designed for developers. The upcoming “Advanced Settings” page will give developers more control over system settings and advanced behaviors, offering them granular controls and a uniform UI experience. Additionally, the Settings page can be easily scripted and re-applied to new and existing machines.

The discussion on the GitHub thread has drawn attention from developers, with many expressing appreciation for the change while also proposing additional enhancements. Microsoft has emphasized that the new Advanced Settings in Windows 11 is not intended to replace existing settings in the Settings app.

The move to introduce the new Advanced Settings panel has garnered interest from developers, and we believe it represents a positive step forward for Windows 11. What are your thoughts on the new Advanced Settings panel? Please share your comments below.

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