Microsoft is announcing Windows 11 Next Week

It is official that Microsoft will be announcing Windows 11 on June 24, 2021. This is an exciting news for every Windows fan out there! Finally we will have a major version of Windows after waiting for so long. The news gets a lot of people excited and go looking for Windows 11 Direct Download links.

The new Windows has been leaked online, should you install it? Don’t!

The leaked ISO is a preview version of Windows 11 ISO Build 21996. It is not meant to be used for your everyday use computer. If you really would like to check it out for preview or educational purpose, use it on a computer that you are using for work purposes.

Windows 11 Direct Download Links:

Please use it for testing purpose only. Never use beta OS for your main computer.

What’s New? Updated Design and Features.

The most visible change is the new start menu. By default the icons are now located in the center but you are able to change it back to the left side should you wish. I wonder which other Operating System has icons right in the center…

Is Windows 11 Pro going to be a free upgrade?

There is a chance if you have activated Windows 10 Pro you are entitled for a free upgrade. Hence, Windows 11 Pro is $0 for all Windows 10 Pro users. There is no guarantee though, we will have to wait for the official announcement on June 24.

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