Windows 11 Announcement (Everything You Need to Know)

Microsoft has announced Windows 11 on June 24th. This new generation of Windows is made to work with as many modern apps and devices. It comes with a brand new look that resembles more like a macOS. Watch the highlights of Windows 11 Announcement right here.

Windows 11 Release Date

There is no official release date yet, but it has been announced the operating system will be available as soon as this fall. We’ll update this article once we get the exact date.

How much does Windows 11 Cost?

The new operating system will be available as a free upgrade from Windows 10. It will be downloadable via Windows Updates. Not all Windows 10 devices will be eligible for a free upgrade. Download the PC Health Check app to check whether if you are eligible.

Support for Android Apps

Windows 11 is so versatile that it can run Android Apps. They are not discoverable on the Microsoft store. However, it is not clear if every app in the marketplace will be made available on day one.

Tik Tok app as seen from the Windows 11 announcement

The New Start Menu is in the center, but you can put it back to the left.

One of the notable changes is the start menu. Microsoft knows that not all people will see this as a welcome change. Hence, if you hate the new look, you can always put things back in order. Another good news from the Windows 11 announcement.

Xbox Features will come to Windows 11

If you are not fully aware, the popular game console is made by the same computer giant company. Henceforth, many of the Xbox features will be on the new operating system. Automatic HDR will make your games more vivid by automatically adjusting the lighting and colors.

Are you excited about the Windows 11 Announcement?

The next generation of Windows operating system is bringing huge changes to our PC devices. From Android apps to Xbox features, it sounds like an exciting upgrade. What excites you from the Windows 11 announcement? Let us know in the comments section below.

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