Windows 11 KB5030310 Patch on September 26: Bug Issues Arise

The latest Windows 11 Moment 4 update, KB5030310, is causing several issues, including rendering bugs in the search box, performance issues in File Explorer, and system crashes. Furthermore, Windows Copilot, a highly anticipated feature in Windows 11, has encountered numerous problems, including sluggish performance and compatibility issues with live wallpaper software like WallpaperEngine. Some users have also reported black screens and system crashes after the update, with only the cursor visible. Additionally, the update seems to reset AMD driver profiles, making it incompatible with the new AMD Drivers Software 23.9.3.

Windows 11 KB5030310 is gaining attention for introducing many new features through the ‘Moment 4’ toggle. This update includes Windows Copilot, a new File Explorer, and more. However, it is important to note that some users have experienced issues after installing the update. Specifically, those who activate the ‘Moment 4’ toggle, which is often mistaken for Windows 11 23H2, have reported performance glitches, especially within File Explorer. Although KB5030310 aims to enhance the quality of Windows 11 version 22H2, early adopters should be cautious of these potential setbacks. To avoid these issues, simply install Windows 11 KB5030310 without turning on the “Get latest updates” toggle.

In a support document, Microsoft claims to be unaware of any problems with this update when the toggle is off. However, our readers as well as users of Feedback Hub and Reddit have identified several issues with the update. Here is a list of the issues encountered in Windows 11 KB5030310:

1. The search box does not function properly, and the magnifying glass appears as a “C” letter. Windows 11’s taskbar has rendering issues in the latest optional update, resulting in the search icon on the taskbar appearing as a magnifying glass with the letter “C” popping out. This issue affects the “Search icon and label” feature of the search box, and Microsoft plans to resolve the bug in an optional preview update scheduled for October.

2. Windows Copilot has several bugs. Microsoft Copilot in Windows 11 has experienced various issues on some systems. Two known bugs include Windows Narrator failing in challenge-response tests, particularly with Captcha, and the inability of the narrator to read out certain buttons in Copilot. Windows Latest has also discovered that using Copilot with WallpaperEngine may cause desktop background issues, as Copilot functions as a secondary viewport, modifying the desktop’s resolution and potentially crashing WallpaperEngine.

3. File Explorer has performance issues. Users have observed File Explorer becoming slower and glitchy after installing Windows 11 KB5030310. Furthermore, users have reported excessive memory usage when dragging tabs, reduced size of Quick Access icons, broken sorting options, and incorrect file arrangements, particularly with OneDrive files.

4. Black screens and system crashes affect some Windows 11 PCs. After installing the KB5030310 update with the Moment 4 toggle enabled, some users have encountered black screens and system crashes. In certain cases, only the cursor is visible, and a system restart seems to be the only workaround. Task Manager can be used to uninstall certain apps like the Explorer Patcher, which may help resolve the black screen issue.

5. AMD profiles reset. The KB5030310 update is incompatible with the new AMD Drivers Software 23.9.3, as performance profiles reset after each system restart. Users have attempted various fixes, including deleting drivers and resetting the BIOS, but none have proven successful. However, disabling Windows Copilot through Group Policy Editor may offer a potential solution.

While Windows 11 KB5030310 has raised concerns due to these issues, it still offers many positive updates and enhancements. However, it is advisable to proceed with caution and be prepared to roll back the update if any unexpected problems arise.

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