Windows 11 brings long-awaited dark mode to Microsoft Paint for all users

Microsoft has started the rollout of the dark mode for Windows 11’s Paint app to users outside of the testing program. You can now try out Paint’s dark side without having to join the Windows Insider Program.

The development of dark mode for Paint has been in progress for over a year, and we previously reported on its existence in January 2023. Although Microsoft never explained the delay, the company has finally given its iconic canvas app a visual redesign for Windows 11, along with new features.

According to Microsoft, user feedback is crucial in enhancing the Paint app experience. You can provide your feedback through the Microsoft Store. In case you haven’t received the update yet, as it seems to be rolling out gradually, you can follow the steps below to manually install the dark mode version of Paint:

By default, Paint will adapt to the system theme preference, but you can modify the theme by accessing Paint’s new settings page. Currently, the settings page in Paint allows you to switch between light, dark, or the system’s preferred theme.

Microsoft is also working on new zoom controls for Paint to offer users a more flexible editing experience, allowing for precise control over content view. The classic presets will still be available, but the new zoom-in and out experience will provide greater precision. Users will also have the option to set a custom zoom value.

Additionally, the company has introduced a new option called “fit to screen,” which optimizes the canvas to fit the screen or window size.

Furthermore, Microsoft is implementing a redesigned “Image Properties” dialog with dark mode support to match the style of Windows 11 and provide a more modern and touch-friendly experience. These efforts aim to improve accessibility and usability, including enhanced keyboard shortcut support and better functioning of the access key.

The redesigned Paint app is currently being rolled out to all users in the production channel. It is expected to become widely available in the next few days. However, you can always manually install the app from msixbundle if you prefer.

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