Windows 11 23H2 to Introduce Fresh Hub for “System Components”

Microsoft is introducing a new feature called the “System Components” page in Windows 11 23H2 to assist users in managing system-related programs such as default apps, extensions, and codecs. This feature, currently being tested in Windows 11 23H2, may also be integrated into version 22H2. The “System Components” hub will be located in the “System” section of the Settings menu. Additionally, Microsoft is adding a “System Components” label in the Start menu and Microsoft Store to easily identify system-related apps and components.

The new “System Components” page in Windows 11 aims to offer a more efficient way of managing default apps, extensions, codecs, and other system-related programs. Although the page is still under development and not yet fully functional, Microsoft is currently testing it in Windows 11 23H2 with the possibility of it being included in version 22H2. This is due to the fact that Windows 11 23H2 serves as a cumulative update to version 22H2 and is intended to reset the Windows support cycle.

If you wish to manage system components and both first and third-party apps on Windows 11, you can utilize the “Apps & Features” panel in the Settings menu, which serves as the equivalent of the Control Panel’s “Programs and Features” section. The existing “Apps & Features” page will remain and will be enhanced with the latest update for improved organization.

Microsoft aims to streamline app management on Windows 11 by providing a dedicated hub for system components. While you can still visit the “Apps & Features” page to manage all installed apps or programs, the System Components page offers a focused approach if you are specifically searching for a system app like Calculator. This new hub can be found in the “System” section of the Settings menu. However, please note that the feature is still a work in progress and may not function properly in preview builds, hence the presence of system and third-party apps in the provided screenshot.

In another experiment, Microsoft is adding the “System Components” label to the “All apps” section in the Start menu. Additionally, the Microsoft Store is also being tested with this new indicator in the “Library” section, further assisting users in identifying system apps, extensions, codecs, or components. Based on our tests, system components extend beyond default apps and may include HEVC or video extensions, Web Experience Pack, and more. This new page compiles a list of all system apps, including those that cannot be uninstalled.

While Windows 11 includes various system apps that cannot be removed, such as Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Photos, and Microsoft Store, the new Settings page allows for the uninstallation of other stock apps like Calculator and NotePad.

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