Windows 11 23H2 ISO identified before imminent public release.

Windows 11 23H2 ISOs have been discovered on Microsoft’s servers, indicating that a public release is imminent. This version is significant because it resets the Windows Update cycle and provides extended support for all compatible hardware.

This update is crucial as it will be the last major release for Windows 11 before the expected announcement of Windows 12 in 2024. Windows 11 23H2 will include all the features from the previous “Moment 4” update of 22H2, as well as new additions like a System Components page, enhancements to the notification center, and more.

Recently, Windows 11 22H2 ISO files were briefly spotted on Microsoft’s servers as they prepare for a public rollout. While Windows 11 23H2 may not be a significant update in the history of Windows 11, it is still essential as it resets the Windows Update cycle.

A reset of the Windows Update cycle means extended support for all supported hardware, which is important considering that the company plans to announce Windows vNext or “Windows 12” in 2024. This makes 23H2 the last major release for Windows 11. It is possible that Microsoft may still release new versions of Windows 11, but they will not bring significant changes.

While our sources had previously indicated that Windows 11 23H2 would start shipping in October or November, a new leak confirms that the update could begin rolling out any day now. ISOs for Windows 11 23H2 have been published on Microsoft’s servers, including English (United States) and Chinese versions. This indicates that the update is complete and ready for commercial rollout. We can expect to learn more about how Microsoft plans to release the update in the coming days.

As mentioned earlier, version 23H2 is essential as it resets the update cycle and allows users more time to use Windows 11 with regular updates until Windows 12 is ready. The most recent version of Windows is currently 22H2, which has been receiving monthly updates since its launch in September 2022.

According to Microsoft’s lifecycle policy, Windows 11 22H2 Home, Pro, Pro Education, and Pro for Workstations editions will be supported until October 8, 2024. Windows 11 Enterprise and Education editions will be supported until October 14, 2025.

After these dates, Microsoft will no longer release new security updates or critical bug fixes for unsupported versions. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone eventually upgrades to the next major version, 23H2, of Windows 11, which should be available as an optional update soon. Windows 11 22H2 received its most significant update, “Moment 4,” on September 26, which included new features like the highly anticipated Microsoft Copilot.

The features bundled in this release are also included in Windows 11 version 23H2, such as Windows Copilot, taskbar ungrouping, labels, and more. In addition, version 23H2 will introduce a new System Components page, a new Microsoft Teams (free) app that will replace the Chat button on the taskbar, improvements to the notification center, the ability to rename your device in “Nearby” settings, and minor bug fixes.

Here are the top features of the update:

1. Windows Copilot: A new AI-powered feature that allows you to open, manage, and interact with apps on Windows 11 2023. Copilot can summarize content, generate images, and more. Please note that Copilot is not available in European Economic Areas like Germany or Poland.

2. Taskbar ungrouping: You can now ungroup apps on the taskbar and show labels, similar to the taskbar in Windows 10.

3. System Components: A new page in Settings that allows you to manage system apps such as Calculator, HEVC codecs, extensions, and more.

4. Microsoft is introducing a modernized File Explorer powered by WinUI. While this means a more modern interface, the new Explorer may be slower, and some users may experience performance issues, including File Explorer crashes.

The official support document for Windows 11 Moment 4 confirms that the update includes a new Backup and Restore app, new Emojis, Windows Spotlight for the desktop, a new homepage for Settings, and other fixes.

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