vanishing taskbar icons, and additional glitches

The November 2023 Windows 11 KB5032190 update is causing a number of issues, including disappearing taskbar icons, slow Virtual Desktop animation, and even problems installing the update itself. The update attempts to address certain bugs and introduces new options, but it seems to have brought several new problems with it. Some users have reported difficulty installing the update, with it getting stuck in an endless loop, as well as encountering issues with disappearing taskbar icons.

In response to these problems, Microsoft has released several preview builds to address the disappearing taskbar icons bug, but it’s unclear when these fixes will be made available to all users. Additionally, the update has introduced sluggish and glitchy Virtual Desktop animation that is negatively impacting user experience.

The most significant issue caused by the KB5032190 update is systems entering an endless loop during installation, resulting in the system reverting changes. This issue has been reported across different versions of Windows 11 and has left users frustrated with the lack of a clear solution from the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

These problems have been widely reported on platforms such as Reddit and the Feedback Hub, indicating that they are affecting a large number of users. Hopefully, Microsoft will be able to address these issues and provide a fix in the near future.

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