Using AI, Microsoft can make your Windows 11 desktop background truly exhilarating.

Windows Copilot is not the sole AI-powered feature that will be introduced in Windows 11. According to internal documents obtained by Windows Latest, Microsoft is currently testing at least one AI-powered feature that has the potential to revolutionize user interaction with the desktop. This is the latest endeavor by the tech giant to enhance the interactivity of the desktop.

It is common knowledge that Microsoft is heavily investing in AI. From Bing to Microsoft Edge to Azure, and now with Windows 11, all of their products are transitioning towards an AI-centric future.

Another exciting feature focuses on enhancing the liveliness of desktop backgrounds by manipulating the perception of depth. The wallpapers will give the impression of popping out when the user moves the cursor or their device. As you interact with the screen using a mouse or by moving your device, the background may shift or move accordingly. Windows 11’s future update may introduce a touch of “parallax effect” to the desktop background, where the wallpaper image moves slower than the screen’s content. This effect is commonly observed on modern web pages, and it creates a captivating illusion of depth, providing a more vibrant user interface.

Windows Latest has learned that Microsoft is currently conducting internal tests to explore new ways of personalizing the desktop background. However, it is important to note that some of these upcoming AI features may work optimally only with modern hardware.

For instance, the “AI depth wallpapers” feature is expected to perform better on devices equipped with sensors capable of detecting movement. However, it is not restricted to tablets alone, as the feature can also work seamlessly with cursor or mouse movement.

But wait, there’s more! The AI-depth wallpaper feature is not the final frontier for Microsoft’s investment in artificial intelligence within the Windows ecosystem. As an example, one of the recent updates to the Windows 11 app store has introduced the AI Hub. This dedicated section highlights apps powered by AI in some form or another.

Furthermore, even reviews within the app store are now powered by AI. In the latest iteration of the Microsoft Store, released earlier this month, a new section called “AI reviews” has been added. This feature provides a concise summary of all the reviews, helping to highlight user opinions. Instead of manually sifting through individual positive and negative reviews, users can rely on the AI reviews within the Store to gauge the quality of a particular app.

Additionally, we have received reports that Microsoft is currently testing AI integration within MS Paint. The beloved graphics editor may soon include Bing AI’s Image Generation feature.

In conclusion, it is evident that Microsoft’s immense focus on AI extends beyond Windows Copilot, with various AI-powered features and enhancements being tested and introduced across multiple aspects of Windows 11. These endeavors aim to provide users with a more interactive and personalized desktop experience.

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