Use iMessage on a PC with Phone Link for iOS, though there’s one catch

Microsoft has announced that Phone Link for iOS is now available to all Windows 11 customers. Previously, Phone Link was limited to Android smartphones, but now iOS users can also tap into their iPhones from a Windows PC.

Phone Link allows users to remotely access their smartphones from a Windows desktop using a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. With the iOS version, users can make phone calls, view notifications, reply to iMessages, and access contacts and photos. However, image/video sharing and group messaging are not supported in the current iOS version.

To access Phone Link on Windows 11, users can start with the Search box on their Windows taskbar and find ‘Phone Link.’ The feature will be gradually rolled out to users over the next few weeks.

It’s important to note that iOS Phone Link support is only available on Windows 11 and not on Windows 10. Additionally, the iPhone must be running iOS 14 or higher, as Phone Link is not compatible with iPadOS or macOS.

Microsoft released a preview version of Phone Link for iOS to Windows Insider users two months ago and received positive feedback from users. The company has also provided a step-by-step tutorial for installing Phone Link and published an FAQ for iOS users.

For Android users, there is a separate guide available for setting up Phone Link on Windows 11.

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