Testing auto start, control pinning, and adaptive interface on Windows 11 Copilot.

Microsoft is enhancing Copilot on Windows 11 by testing new features such as auto start on boot, the ability to unpin the AI, and change its pane size. While currently not designed to start on boot, the company is experimenting with a new optional feature that allows configuring Copilot to automatically open when the system starts.

The new Copilot settings can be found inside the Personalization page, with the option to toggle “Open Copilot when Windows starts” turned off by default. However, this setting is geared towards wider screens. Once enabled, Copilot opens automatically when booting up a Windows PC, indicating Microsoft’s effort to increase awareness of Copilot, especially on larger screens.

In addition, Microsoft is also testing a feature that allows users to unpin the Copilot pane, giving other apps the ability to open on top of it. Currently, Copilot cannot be resized or unpinned, but the company is making efforts to make the Bing Chat-powered AI more modular.

Furthermore, users will soon be able to adjust the size of the Copilot pane, with a responsive design that automatically adjusts the appearance of the “recent” and plugins tab on the right side of Copilot. These features were spotted in public preview builds, although it’s uncertain if they will be released to the public.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s endeavor to improve Copilot on Windows 11 with new features underscores its commitment to enhancing the user experience and creating a more adaptable AI system.

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