Stardock Fences 5 with Chameleon
Stardock released the Fences 5 desktop organizational tool out of preview this week, introducing a significant new feature called Chameleon.
According to Stardock’s Brad Sams, Fences 5 is intended to provide users with a modern desktop experience, offering the best way to organize desktops. With Chameleon and Peek features, the software creates a contemporary workflow, providing instant access to content while reducing desktop distractions.
Here’s what’s new now that Fences is generally available:

– Chameleon: This feature seamlessly blends Desktop icons into the wallpaper, reducing visual distractions while maintaining standard functionality.
– Peek enhancements: In Fences 4, Stardock introduced Peek, enabling users to open the tool on top of other windows by typing WINKEY + SPACE. In Fences 5, this feature is now accessible from an icon on the Taskbar.
– Easier deployment for businesses: Fences 5 for Business simplifies management of deployments. It allows for the import/export of layouts for distribution, loading configurations from a network drive during logon, and enables new kiosk functionality.
– Performance improvements: Fences 5 now offers enhanced performance compared to its preview releases.
Fences 5 is priced at $9.99. You can learn more about it on the Stardock website.

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